What does DISTRESSWIRE offer?
DISTRESSWIRE is a platform specializing on insolvency and restructuring. It facilitates the search for suitable investors for distressed companies and provides valuable information on market developments in the insolvency and restructuring sector.
Who are the users of DISTRESSWIRE?
DISTRESSWIRE is suitable for all parties involved in transactions in special situations. In addition to insolvency administrators, investors, and distressed M&A advisors, this naturally includes other advisors such as legal advisors or restructuring consultants.
What costs are incurred when using DISTRESSWIRE?

Registration and use of all platform functionalities is free of charge. Only the use of our company database with around 5 million potential investors as well as the use of additional services (teaser / longlist creation and investor approach by DISTRESSWIRE) is subject to a fee. For questions and individual arrangements, please contact us via info@distresswire.com.

How does the DISTRESSWIRE translation tool work?
We have especially equipped our descriptive input fields, e.g. for creating a new investment opportunity, with a translation button. A simple click on this button is sufficient to translate the displayed text into English or German (depending on which website language has been selected). You should refrain from using special characters such as "&", as the translation tool may not always recognize them correctly.
How does the eSign link on DISTRESSWIRE work?
If you are, as a company seller, already using an eSign solution such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign for non-disclosure agreements, the corresponding link to the NDA to be signed digitally can be inserted and made available immediately when creating a new investment opportunity. This allows potential investors to access the relevant document with just one click and speeds up the signing process accordingly. At the same time, you can continue to use your preferred eSign provider.